Monday, March 1, 2010

My first 'mommy' project

Since having my daughter I have discovered my crafty side. It stems from my need for my daughter to look ridiculously adorable at all times. I've been buying things like hairbows and flower clips in my quest for cuteness. But then I discovered tutu's and how very expensive they are. I had to have one but I couldn't justify spending so much on them. So, I did some research and realized that not only are tutu's really easy to make, but you can make one for under $5.00 worth of materials! Below is a picture of my daughter in the first tutu I made.

It's a little too long, but I can afford to keep trying until I perfect my technique. I mean, I can make six tutu's at home for the price of one from a boutique. I may post a tutorial when I make my next tutu so others can learn to make them too.


  1. I love your little girl shes so cute..I want one ...

  2. I think your daughter is too stinking cute! I like your post and if you do make another tutu I would really love to know! I love those things!!