Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mixed Up Inspiration - A Tutorial of Sorts.

This project has been a long time coming. I bought the supplies in September of last year, then got caught up with making Halloween costumes and then Christmas snuck up on me. So, I just now got around to working on it.

My daughter's room has been pretty much complete & cute since before she was born. There was just one area I haven't really been satisfied with. And that would be the wall space above her bed. I used to have a heavy wood & metal flower hanging there. It quickly came down once we started using the crib. I've been wanting something to replace it with ever since.

I got my inspiration for this project from the cute hanging wooden letters that are so popular right now, and 'bubble' stickers for the walls. I couldn't use those when I decorated Kelsie's nursery because our walls are heavily textured. I love the look though and really wanted to incorporate those two ideas in her room somehow. Which leads to the project I am about to show you!

Starting off with the supplies: A canvas, wooden letters & circles, paint, and glitter.

I then painted the entire canvas green.

Then I painted the circles and wooden letters. I sprinkled the letters with glitter when the paint was still wet so I could get the glittery effect without using a ton of glue.

Then I simply glued everything onto the canvas & hung it on the wall! So simple!

I had to hang it higher than I'd like to keep curious hands off of it, but I'm still really happy with it!

- B

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