Thursday, February 3, 2011

Photography & Me.

I love photography! It all started when my daughter was born. I wanted to have newborn pictures done and took her to a chain photography studio. I was completely unimpressed with the results. I started dressing her up in cute outfits at home and taking pictures. I liked mine much better than what I got at the studio, even if I was lacking the quality due to having to use a point & shoot. Fast forward a few months to my birthday and my husband bought me a DSLR! Hooray! :)

I looked to local independent photographers for inspiration for backdrops, props, etc. and found one that I love. I aspire to take pictures as well as she does someday, even if only for personal use. She's awesome. I take my daughter to her for milestones, holidays, etc. I still use my DSLR at home when I dream up an idea & want to practice. I have a great model at my disposal. :)

Here's some of the portrait work Koppi Write has done for me:

Great work, right? And here is some stuff that I've done myself:

As you can see, I still have a lot of learning to do. But this is definitely my new hobby. :)

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